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A new College website (and an old one)

I’m pleased to say that I’ve just launched a new version of the Central Sussex College website. The new version is geared up for IE7 with virtually no css hacks and a general spring clean for good measure sorting out a few of the design and usability issues and taking out most (the rest to follow shortly) of the obtrusive inline javascript that sections of the site previously relied on. Feel free to post any comments and I’ll talk about it more in the future.

I’ve got to admit that I continue to be disappointed with the amount of FE college’s that simply don’t seem to care about web standards and accessibility. Although there are still some issues with the site I work on we are at least trying to work towards a completely inclusive experience for all our users by using the right technologies in CSS, (X)HTML and DOM scripting (Javascript). I was unfortunately not surprised by Robin Christopherson taking apart South Cheshire College‘s site at @media recently and there are many more I could (and maybe) should name… but I’ll save this for another day… maybe some further research/fact finding is in order!

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