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IE 7 beta 3 and Firefox 2 beta 1

I know I’m a week (or so) late on this but a couple of new browser beta’s have arrived… firstly Firefox beta 2 is great while IE 7 beta 3 is possibly not should the many rumours of bugs and problems turn out to be true. I have tested Beta 3 on the same laptop I’ve been running IE7 beta 2 on and must confess that I have had no problems but I’ve heard a few things to suggest it is a bit of a step backwards from beta 2, suggesting the final release date may be further away than we first thought.

On a brighter note Firefox beta 1 is great. I must confess I am a big firefox fan so the new features in this just make a good thing better. I love the idea of the inbuilt spell check for form fields while improved RSS support should also be a bonus as I currently have to rely on the sage plugin to meet my needs. The ability to rescue tabs when you accidently delete them is also great while I’m most pleased that Open Search has been added to match the feature that Microsoft added into IE 7. As I posted earlier in this blog I really hoped open search would arrive for Firefox sooner rather than later and the only improvement that might be nice is the auto-detection highlight that is implemented in ie.. maybe something for the beta 2 version?

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