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HTML Mastery Reviewed

As I mentioned last week in my ‘year of the web book’ post I’ve just finished reading ‘HTML Mastery – Semantics, Standards, and Styling’ by Paul Haine.

The book is both a good read and gives a good indepth overview of HTML (including XHTML and XML) as well as having a really good emphasis on semantics including a useful section on Microformats.

The individual chapters on both tables and forms in HTML were worth buying the book for alone and although aspects of these chapters are covered in other books I’ve read, like ‘CSS Mastery’ by Andy Budd, this book definitely gives the most comprehensive overview.

Like the other Friends of Ed books, HTML Mastery seems to be written with designers rather than developers in mind and therefore sits really well alongside the previously mentioned ‘CSS Mastery’ and also DOM Scripting by Jeremy Keith. Combined together these books give a great overview of the skills needed when working in standards based web design (CSS, DOM Scripting/Javascript, and (X)HTML).

HTML Mastery

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