Things I use Twitter for

I’ve been thinking about why I use Twitter.

For sharing

I like to share articles and books that I’m interested in. I’m happy to bookmark most things publicly.

For thinking about things in the open

Sometimes I just write things down so I can think about them more ie. why not just do this in the open (the other place I write things down is Evernote, but more when I want to tag or curate my thoughts more carefully).

For synthesis of insights and ideas

Posting ideas, insights or observations on Twitter has started conversations that have helped shape my thinking, making ideas stronger and clearer as well as showing me when things don’t make as much sense as I think they do.

This is a bit like framing research insights. The conversation around a set of observations helps us to understand what things mean, and frame things more clearly. In my experience, making things clear encourages more creativity and progress in design.

For brevity

If nothing else, Twitter has helped me to write more concisely and articulate thoughts more clearly. This is why I have reservations about the 280 character count increase, but this might just be nostalgia.

For bravery

Sometimes posting on Twitter helps me move past my own anxiety status. It’s a platform that demands opinions, and I’ve found it a (reasonable) space to be bold.

For connection

The connections I find with other people on Twitter are mostly positive and have made me feel part of an international and (mostly) inclusive design community.
I try to recognise the privilege that’s connected to my personal Twitter experience, but often take this for granted without realising many other people’s experiences of Twitter are less positive.

For opportunities

I’ve found that all of the above had helped create numerous job, speaking, and other professional opportunities that have helped shaped my work and ultimately led to interesting and challenging roles, especially over the last 5 years.
The platform has helped me to tell these stories, convincing others to be part of the teams and organisations I’ve worked with.