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Ben Holliday is an experienced design leader, writer and speaker. This is his blog (started in 2005). If you’re new to this site, Ben has published a playbook for design linking together many of his blog posts from the past 5 years. You can book him to speak at an event, get in touch or follow him on Twitter.

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IE 7 beta 3 and Firefox 2 beta 1

I know I’m a week (or so) late on this but a couple of new browser beta’s have arrived… firstly Firefox beta 2 is great while IE 7 beta 3 is possibly not should the many rumours of bugs and problems turn out to be true. I have tested Beta 3 on the same laptop I’ve been running IE7 beta 2 on and must confess that I have had no problems but I’ve heard a few things to suggest it is a bit of a step backwards from beta 2, suggesting the final release date may be further away than we first thought. Continue reading…