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Reasons to get up pt1

Learning to live with creativity

…if I am not creating something, then I am probably actively destroying something (myself, a relationship, or my own peace of mind)

Elizabeth Gilbert – Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

I like ideas.

I like having them, getting hold of them and working with them.

2008 – What Happened?

So where have I been this year…

I worked really hard at my job and learnt a whole lot more about web design on some great new projects.

A big decision was taken – We moved house in June saying our goodbyes to Brighton after 5 good years and heading back home to Kendal, in the fantastic (and much wetter!)

More Mayer

After criticising his European CD cover the other day it’s only fair to say that I saw an amazing John Mayer gig at the Kentish Town Forum last night that has taught me two things…

  1. I need to play guitar more and get much, much better
  2. Live music is truely one of the main points of inspiration and creativity in my life that I simply can’t do without.

A View from the Tower

On Monday I had the pleasure of visiting the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. I just wanted to to say that I was actually rather impressed. Although at only 170 metres, and not the tallest building you will ever pay to visit, the design of the structure looks amazing while I especially liked the glass large floor which provided some an interesting photographic perpective…

Inspiration in New York

About a month ago I had the amazing experience of spending 3 days and nights in New York. This is something I had always wanted to do and after many years of waiting I finally made it and had a great few days taking in the sites with Becky (while also celebrating 2 great years of marriage in style!).