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HTML Mastery Reviewed

As I mentioned last week in my ‘year of the web book’ post I’ve just finished reading ‘HTML Mastery – Semantics, Standards, and Styling’ by Paul Haine.

The book is both a good read and gives a good indepth overview of HTML (including XHTML and XML) as well as having a really good emphasis on semantics including a useful section on Microformats.

Firefox extensions for Christmas

These are only festive because I’ve just come across them but over the last week two great additions for Firefox have come to my attention.

First up is FireBug which I think has been around for a while now but came to my attention again when reading an article on Dave Shea’s Mezzablue site.


Last friday I attended d.construct 2006 at the Corn Exchange in Brighton. It was a really good conference and answered many of my questions about API‘s as well as addressing the usefulness of the various services to designers/developers working in real business situations.