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Sharing a lovely article about the experience of Springsteen live.

More Mayer

After criticising his European CD cover the other day it’s only fair to say that I saw an amazing John Mayer gig at the Kentish Town Forum last night that has taught me two things…

  1. I need to play guitar more and get much, much better
  2. Live music is truely one of the main points of inspiration and creativity in my life that I simply can’t do without.

Marketing gone wrong?

When in New York last month I was able to buy the new album by John Mayer, Continuum. As well as being one of my favourite albums this year I also really loved the artwork and typography. The album was finally released in the UK this week and I was really dissapointed to find the record company had seen fit to mess with the artwork and had added a picture of the artist.