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Ben Holliday is an experienced design leader, writer and speaker. This is his blog (started in 2005). If you’re new to this site, Ben has published a playbook for design linking together many of his blog posts from the past 5 years. You can book him to speak at an event, get in touch or follow him on Twitter.

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Connected: things of the internet versus the Internet of Things (IoT)

When I first wrote about things of the internet it was a deliberate inversion of the Internet of Things.

For the uninitiated, the Internet of Things is the connection of everyday physical objects through the internet (and local networks), enabling them to send and receive data. Continue reading…

Designing without an alternative

The importance of digital — part 4

No alternative

No (original image — Tom Magliery)

Design in a digital world is, at least in part, a story of dealing with no alternative.

In government, I see no alternative all the time. From a lack of money/funding, skills, leadership, or simply political will power. Continue reading…

Digital by design

The importance of digital — part 3



If you’re following my posts over the last few days you’ll appreciate how important I think digital is as a lens for how we see and respond to the modern world.

That society will be digital. We can’t lose sight of what this means with the increasing impact of technology in our lives. Continue reading…

The end of digital?

The importance of digital — part 2

The End of Print (David Carson). Is this the end of digital?

The End of Print (David Carson). Is this the end of digital?

Back when I was a design student I discovered David Carson’s book The End of Print.

This book inspired a long term obsession with good design and the necessity of breaking rules. Continue reading…

Convenience isn’t digital

Why we need a different response to convenience in a digital age

PayPal (instant money transfer)—digital convenience

PayPal (instant money transfer)—digital convenience

Convenience is something that pre-dates the internet. It’s not of the internet.

The local ‘convenience store’ is something most people are familiar with. Continue reading…

hub by Premier Inn. Is it digital?

This is a live blog I first published as a Twitter thread last night. I’ve made some small additions to the original version.

I stayed at a new hub by Premier Inn in London last night. It’s interesting to see established companies looking at new business models. Continue reading…

Monzo (the bank of the future). Is it truly digital?

Last week Dan Sheldon shared an article by Jason Bates, co-founder of Monzo, comparing it to my list of things of the internet.

Things of the internet...

Things of the internet – read the original blogpost here

Jason outlined a similar set of ideas to define what he describes as the qualities of ‘truly digital’ propositions. Continue reading…

Things of the internet

Designing services for the digital age in response to raised expectations

For a series of recent talks I’ve given, I’ve been thinking about the changing expectations that people have for services that are ‘digital’.

Services are a familiar part of our lives and our expectations for how they should work are continuously changing. Continue reading…