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Insight Conference

It’s been another busy old month but I’ve been wanting to write up a quick review on another conference I got to attend. On the 27th of September I went along to the Insight Conference organised by the Institute of Fundraising: Analysis in Fundraising.

Rich Media Training with AbilityNet

Last Tuesday I attended a training day run by AbilityNet in London on the topic of Rich Media. The day covered a range of topics concerned with Rich Media and Accessibility and I’d thought I would share a few thoughts from what was covered here.

An Evening With WCAG 2.1?

Last Tuesday evening I went along with my new employers to a free session being hosted by the RNIB in London entitled “What’s New – WCAG 2.0 and Current Issues”.

The Speaker was Shawn Henry from the W3C Web Initiative and having read Joe Clarke’s well documented A List Apart article ‘To Hell with WCAG 2‘ last year I was interested to hear first hand about the now much revised version.