Getting some style

Since launching this blog I’ve unfortunately struggled to find the time to work on what is ultimately most important to me as someone who works making websites… the design. I love working with web standards and am committed to accessibility and usability but most of all the reason I choose to spend 4 years studying art and graphic design is because I care about how things look visually. It’s therefore long overdue that I finally made some time to work on an initial template for this site.

I really hope the design will evolve over time and see this space as the place for trying out things that I perhaps wouldn’t lean towards on commercial projects… just because I can really. I think it’s healthy for designers to look at what inspires them and I guess as well as talking about the web I almost hope this space can become a kind of web sketch book for me.

I’ve deliberately started with a simple design and wanted to use white space well to balance the artwork I devised for the header and logo. The image used was inspired by a postcard I picked up in Berlin of the Sony Centre. I love the architecture of the roof which is like a giant tent of steel and glass that almost floats over the building. I really liked the idea of trying to work with this image out of context.

My idea with the colour scheme was to keep things really simple and almost sway towards primary colours… this was simply because I wanted to work with a bold pallet that wasn’t part of my usual day job.

Anyway hope you like it and come back to watch it evolve over time any comments are always welcome.

a picture of the sony centre in Berlin

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