Frank Chimero, Oh God, It’s Full of Stars

These are my notes from Frank’s talk at dConstruct 2011:

Delightful design

The nature of the offering is the experience and the memory (experience and recollection).

Analog vs Digital

Digital products allow us to forget (ie. bills). Analog we find/digital we search. We own analog/it feels like we lease (pay for) digital.

Analog = OR / digital = AND

There’s an infinite with digital. Analog is a palpable stack like flipping through CD racks. The digital space doesn’t have an order (phantom file) …it’s a random collection of stuff. This random stuff has potential.

To keep a blog or collection of stuff is not a new idea… eg. Commonplace book

Architecture of Arrangement

Find stuff. Collect stuff. Arrange it. Arrangement requires a second pass… you have to step back and think about what you have.

Digital services are optimised for getting stuff in but not necessarily getting stuff out.


Richard Saul Wurman – concept of LATCH (Location, Alphabetical, Time, Category, Hierarchy) Location.


How we move through time… Instapaper… Let’s you defer/re-surfacing content.
Old content should be able to resurface…
Biblion – New York public library

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