Kelly Goto, Beyond Usability: Mapping Emotion to Experience

These are my notes from dConstruct 2011:

Do you love your phone or the experience it brings? You can re-upload your data if you lost your phone to an identical handset… the phone itself is replaceable.


Think about the spaces between the experiences you’re creating.
Withings – http://www.withings.com/ Automated products that consider the spaces between.

Connection = Meaning.


We need to bring back connections with people rather than to devices.

Ritual – Something we can understand (how people are actually live there lives).

Devotion… Mood – context is everything. The mood people are in effects the experience people have.

Branding – Provides context… different preconceptions are levels of trust effect the experience.

Research – Getting from ‘what people think’ to ‘how people live’.  If you ask a focus group if they just washed their hands after leaving the toilet you will probably get 100% ‘yes’. Contextual research (putting a camera in there) would show a different result.

iPhone home button – comfort (goes home)/discoverable/satisfaction (tactile). Can also be personalised.

Beyond Usable – We’re at a point where things should be basically functional or useable. We’ve moved to a higher level of emotional design. Evolution of ‘Sensory Engineering’.

Kansei– http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kansei_engineering

Contextual Research – ‘deep hanging out’

Experience Mapping – Decide what sort of experience you’re creating.

The space in between things – Creating seamless connections that work with our lifestyle.

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