Ben Holliday is an experienced designer, leader, writer and speaker. This is his blog (started in 2005). If you’re new to this site, Ben has published a playbook for design linking together many of his blog posts from the past 8 years of work in the pubic sector. You can get in touch or follow him on Twitter.


Blog post round up – Summer 2019

It’s been a busy year so far and my intention of writing regular monthly updates hasn’t materialised (my last proper update was back in February). I’ve been prioritising other things, mostly real life and family.

I am still finding some time to write, especially as part of my role as Chief Design Officer at FutureGov, so I thought it would be useful to collect together everything that I’ve written this year.

Some principles for blogging

I’ve been thinking about my own approach to blogging, and making this sharable

del.icio.us Tinkering

I’m no hard core programmer but I do on occasion like to mess around with API code especially when it’s made really easy. I’ve been looking at adding a del.icio.us feed showing my latest bookmarks for a while now and it’s finally arrived… it was even as easy as adding the CSS styling to the code del.icio.us

New Media, New Engagement

In a belated post I had the opportunity to attend this one off conference on the 12th of October. Organised by the CIPR Education & Skills Group this was a one day event looking at the strategic use of new media in Marketing, Communications and PR in Education.