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Never read something cover to cover, except for pleasure

“80 per cent of the value of any work will come from 20 per cent of its activities; and the other 80 per cent of activities will arise because of needless complexity.” – Richard Koch (The 80:20 Principle)

Based on the main idea in the book (described above), I found some useful advice about reading when looking back through The 80:20 Principle.

What’s on my bookshelf this winter/spring (2019)

This is what I've been reading over the past few months (stretching back to the end of 2018). The rest of this list is books I'm planning to read over the next few months.

What’s on my bookshelf this summer (2018)

I’ve started sharing my reading lists over the past couple of years. It helps me keep track of what I’m reading:

  • Autumn/winter (2017)
  • Summer (2017)
  • Summer (2016)

I also have a list of general book recommendations covering topics including: leadership & creativity, user-centred design, agile & ‘Lean UX’, research, data & analytics, and designing better organisations.

What’s on my bookshelf this autumn/winter (2017)

My reading list for this autumn/winter 2017.

What’s on my bookshelf this summer (2017)

Book recommendations for summer 2017.

What’s on my bookshelf this summer

It’s July. Summer is here in London today.

This time of year I like to get plenty of reading done between family time and the windswept beaches of Cornwall.

I’m always open to a good book recommendation. Here’s what’s on my reading list.

What people want and what people need

I’m reading the book Why We Build by Rowan Moore at the moment.

This story jumped out as a great example of understanding what people need, not what people want.

An architect used to tell a story.

Invited by a couple to design an extension to their house, he dined with them, listened to their needs and desires, heard his and her versions of what they wanted.

Back to work

I had a great break with all my family down in Cornwall last week and just about managed to keep away from the world of web.

I did however make time to read Cameron Moll‘s new Mobile Web Design book. It was a nice short read while on holiday but what it lacked in length it certainly made up for in quality.

Year of the web book (2006)

Well Christmas has long since passed and so has the opportunity for a proper yearly review of 2006 (well, it is nearly February after all!).

The start of the year has been pretty busy so far and in a way it’s felt like I’ve still been finishing off 2006 with the recent official launch of a new site I’ve been working on since well before Christmas.