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Ready for everything, or ready for anything?

Sinking sand


The design mindset and how organisations manage uncertainty

The prototyping mindset

Simplify your slide decks

Some practical advice for simplifying your slide decks, and for thinking about what you want to communicate.

The push and pull of giving design feedback

Some more thoughts on design feedback. Push or pull? Some doors open one way, and the rest open the other way. Sometimes ideas needs more pull. And sometimes you need to push…

Creativity is putting all the balls in the paddling pool

Sometimes there isn’t a good reason to try something new. Other than, why not? #shortread

Map making

The link between hypotheses and telling stories

Never read something cover to cover, except for pleasure

Living in the future: reflections from Services Week 2020

Some reflections after speaking in Newcastle at Services Week 2020 (a Government Digital Service series of events for UK government).

Open is inspiring

Why working in the open can also be inspiring…

There’s no such thing as a bad idea

Why the line between good and bad ideas is very thin…


It doesn’t have to be complicated. Most strategy is finding the clearest, or best available route forward for making progress (rather than standing still).

Human-centred design, organisations, power and control

A house without windows

The windows we build into our work are about giving ourselves a way to see the world outside, as well as letting the world see us…

Make it happen

Types of design focus

Some working definitions. Why the language we use and what we mean when we’re using a design-led or based approach is important.

Blog post round up – Summer 2019