Ben Holliday is an experienced designer, leader, writer and speaker. This is his blog (started in 2005). If you’re new to this site, Ben has published a playbook for design linking together many of his blog posts from the past 8 years of work in the pubic sector. You can get in touch or follow him on Twitter.

Designing Services

An introduction to service modelling

Introducing and exploring a way for organisations to create, test, and scale the design of whole services.

How to use service patterns in your organisation

How to work with service patterns to deliver consistency and quality of design at scale.

New models for service ownership and leadership

New questions about how we design, develop, maintain and improve whole services.


It doesn’t have to be complicated. Most strategy is finding the clearest, or best available route forward for making progress (rather than standing still).

Comparing service design and business design

How service design can bring a new set of approaches and focus to organisations.

The importance of frameworks and first principles in service design

The importance of frameworks is that you focus on a smaller set of things because you can’t focus on everything…

There is no ‘digital service design’

A lot of digital agencies and technology companies talk about ‘digital service design’. What I think they mean by this is that they’re designing experiences and digital interactions that happen on a screen.

Comparing service design and business analysis

Looking at how service design and business analyst roles have some similar skill sets, but why they require a different type of focus and mindsets.