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New and changing patterns for digital working

Thinking about how we can move from remote to more digital and asynchronous ways of working.

Digital as physical objects

How can we open up our public resources, data, and physical spaces in more meaningful and useful ways using technology?

Estate agents. An example of a broken digital business model?

Looking at the lack of digital innovation from traditional estate agents.

Sticks in the ground for public services

The civic architecture that reminds us about the bold vision needed for public services and spaces

Is digital destroying a generation?

Attention-driven design is a choice, thinking about the alternative.

Attention-driven design versus connection-driven design

Why ‘connection-driven’ design is important.

Reading the news and digital business models

Some thoughts on digital publishing.

Digital expectations of physical spaces

The potential of digital is for your environment to be one step ahead of your experience.

Connected: things of the internet versus the Internet of Things (IoT)

Experiences should become increasingly connected as the result of services built around internet connectivity, but there’s a much bigger picture and opportunity.

Designing without an alternative

The importance of digital — part 4

The end of digital?

The importance of digital — part 2

Dropping digital?

The importance of digital — part 1