Ben Holliday is an experienced designer, leader, writer and speaker. This is his blog (started in 2005). If you’re new to this site, Ben has published a playbook for design linking together many of his blog posts from the past 8 years of work in the pubic sector. You can get in touch or follow him on Twitter.


New Media, New Engagement

In a belated post I had the opportunity to attend this one off conference on the 12th of October. Organised by the CIPR Education & Skills Group this was a one day event looking at the strategic use of new media in Marketing, Communications and PR in Education.

@Media Podcasts

The @media podcasts are now available on the @media 2006 website or subscribe to the feed. It looks like they are adding a new session each week. I’m finally looking forward to catching all the sessions I couldn’t go to the first time around.

Open Search

I’ve got to admit that the Beta 2 version of IE7 I’ve been testing at work is impressing me and I was further sold after attending Chris Wilson‘s talk about IE7 at @media 2006. It was at this session I first came across the the term open search and I really like the idea..

A new College website (and an old one)

I’m pleased to say that I’ve just launched a new version of the Central Sussex College website. The new version is geared up for IE7 with virtually no css hacks and a general spring clean for good measure sorting out a few of the design and usability issues and taking out most (the rest to follow shortly) of the obtrusive inline javascript that sections of the site previously relied on.

@media 2006

Well my first web conference was most enjoyable… here is a brief round-up of my highlights…

Day 1

Eric Meyer‘s Keynote presentation was an enjoyable journey through the last ten years showing how CSS and standards have developed and as a relatively recent convert to CSS layout (20 months down and counting) it was good to get a history lesson to kick things off.

…and so it begins

Well I’ve finally got around to writing a blog. As you can see we’re currently running on the good old wordpress default template… but I have always said that content was more important than style (cough!)… but no really, good things shall come of this and I thought that it might actually be nice to document in the blog how I designed the blog as we go along.