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Sinking sand

Where is it you get stuck? And how do you get unstuck?

I’ve been writing recently about getting unstuck or finding different perspectives in the work you’re doing.

One of the points I was making about as-is work for service design is that it’s easy to get stuck in the detail of existing business processes and constraints.

Dead wood is distracting

We often stop to look at dead wood on family walks near where we live in the UK Lake District. Here’s an example from this morning’s walk near Bowness-On-Windermere.

Fuzzy words and actions

Your mission is only as good as your focus.

Grounded: the things that made me smile this morning

At about 7:40am this morning I was stood in the ticket queue in Leeds railway station when a little boy came over to tell me it was his birthday. He waved his fingers at me in desperation to tell me that he was now 3 years old.

He wanted to tell me, a complete stranger, all about his birthday party and visiting his grandmas house.

2008 – What Happened?

So where have I been this year…

I worked really hard at my job and learnt a whole lot more about web design on some great new projects.

A big decision was taken – We moved house in June saying our goodbyes to Brighton after 5 good years and heading back home to Kendal, in the fantastic (and much wetter!)