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Service Design

Attention-driven design versus connection-driven design

Why ‘connection-driven’ design is important.

Vertical lines and loose boundaries

The size and the shape of the problem is best served by vertical lines and loose boundaries.

Designing better organisations: Why internal user experience matters to delivering better services

I see very few organisations that think enough about the experience of their staff (especially when it comes to technology). If your internal user experience is broken then, as an organisation, you probably don’t care enough about user experience (full stop).

Things of the internet

Designing services for the digital age in response to raised expectations.

Service design starts with user needs

An approach to understanding user needs. From Leading Service Design at UX London 2017.

What is blocking your organisation from designing good services?

A retrospective from UX London 2017: Leading Service Design workshop with Kate Tarling.

Digital Leaders Week 2017: Citizen Experience forum

A write up of the round table forum I was part of this afternoon for Digital Leaders week 2017.

When is User Experience (UX) and Service Design the same thing?

I get asked this question a lot. My thoughts...

The needs of government

Understanding user needs and understanding the needs of government isn't a choice. You need to do both

Better, faster, super-duper

What do our long term goals mean, keeping the focus on outcomes?

The mission

Missions are built on words then actions. What helps define a great mission statement?

What does a successful product or service look like?

Success looks like a product or service that solves a real problem for people

Thinking about how we use evidence in user-centred design

Working in a large government department like the Department for Work and Pensions has created a few challenges about how to bring together traditional types of evidence-driven decision making and a new focus on delivering digital by default services.

Working towards zero

We need to start from the right place. A level playing field. The conditions for success need to be right before we start.

If you’re part of a large organisation you could spend years working towards zero just to get started. You can put all your efforts into trying to fix your broken processes and technology.

Content design for service design

Some thoughts about content formats and content ownership.

As teams working on digital by default services we don’t just design content for GOV.UK.

At Digital DWP we’ve put together a team of talented content designers to be responsible for all the content in a service.

Designing for the unknown future

Service design for uncertain times

Supersized. Making design work in large organisations

Does your organisation 
have design leadership?

Is it transformational?

The question we’re all asking about service design in government

Transformation doesn't look like a big bang. An explosion.

Image: Mike Bogdan

Last week I spoke at Service Design in Government. I talked about what we need to do to deliver better services. Services that work better for people.

We have lots of conversations in government about transformation.

Service design in London, and everything else that happened

Last week was the Service Design in Government conference 2016 in London.

I had been building up to the conference for the last few months, writing my keynote talk, and looking forward to all the conversations that were likely to happen throughout the 3 days.