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Ready for everything, or ready for anything?

Designing for everything is a higher risk strategy than designing for anything.

When you’re designing a service, it’s not smart to design for everything. It’s impossible to predict all the possible scenarios that could happen in the future no matter how much data, research and insight informs your choices.

Sinking sand

Where is it you get stuck? And how do you get unstuck?

I’ve been writing recently about getting unstuck or finding different perspectives in the work you’re doing.

One of the points I was making about as-is work for service design is that it’s easy to get stuck in the detail of existing business processes and constraints.

Dead wood is distracting

We often stop to look at dead wood on family walks near where we live in the UK Lake District. Here’s an example from this morning’s walk near Bowness-On-Windermere.

Direction of travel (travelling towards change)

Some thoughts about change:

Change happens when you set a clear direction. It’s when you have enough focus to keep working towards where you want to be.

The direction of travel and the momentum you have to keep moving forwards is everything in life (and politics).

Knowing when to fight and when not to fight

Is it worth winning the argument?

What doesn’t hurt can eventually kill you

Inertia is the biggest killer in the workplace