The technology trap

Are you building momentum or applying the brakes?

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Technology and technology-driven change has virtually nothing to do with igniting a transformation from good to great. Technology can accelerate a transformation, but technology cannot cause a transformation

Jim Collins – Good to Great

Technology is a tool that can enable the transformation of an organisation or business. Continue reading…

Reasons to get up pt1

Learning to live with creativity

…if I am not creating something, then I am probably actively destroying something (myself, a relationship, or my own peace of mind)

I like ideas. Continue reading…

The advantage of facing forwards

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We all face forwards.

So there’s a choice. Whatever you’re facing, you can choose to work through what’s in front of you.

What’s in front of you is the next opportunity. It’s the next group of people to work or collaborate with. Continue reading…

Thinking about how we use evidence in user-centred design

Working in a large government department like the Department for Work and Pensions has created a few challenges about how to bring together traditional types of evidence-driven decision making and a new focus on delivering digital by default services. Continue reading…

What’s on my bookshelf this summer

It’s July. Summer is here in London today.

This time of year I like to get plenty of reading done between family time and the windswept beaches of Cornwall.

I’m always open to a good book recommendation. Here’s what’s on my reading list. Continue reading…

Working towards zero

We need to start from the right place. A level playing field. The conditions for success need to be right before we start.

If you’re part of a large organisation you could spend years working towards zero just to get started. You can put all your efforts into trying to fix your broken processes and technology. Continue reading…

Content design for service design

Some thoughts about content formats and content ownership.

As teams working on digital by default services we don’t just design content for GOV.UK.

At Digital DWP we’ve put together a team of talented content designers to be responsible for all the content in a service. Continue reading…

Learning to enjoy the size of the problem

bunting in the office

Bunting at work, Digital DWP Leeds office

Some thoughts about having fun at work.

Last week I had a good time speaking at a Glug event in Reading.

For those that haven’t heard of Glug it’s a meet up for local creative communities. The format is informal with talks about design and creativity. Continue reading…

Designing for the unknown future


The face of the unknown future

Most of the time, companies, organisations, and governments are making big, bold, predictions about what they think will happen.

The truth is we never know what will happen. Not with any real certainty. When you think about any policy, idea, or – the government term I’m most uncomfortable with – ‘intervention’, you only really find out what will happen when it happens. Continue reading…

Scaling user-centred design

Last week I published a post about making design work in large organisations. All about design leadership and the importance of becoming a design-led organisation.

One of the challenges I’ve faced over the last year is how to build and scale a user-centred design function for a large organisation. Continue reading…