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Matthew Sheret, Pocket Scale

These are my notes from Matthew’s talk at dConstruct 2011:

Intimate, meaningful objects that humanise networks make time travel a bit more fun.

Our devices make time travel possible/consider the transition from a pocket watch to what’s enabled in your pocket now through your smartphone. Consider the other objects you carry with you eg. keychain.


eg. Chromaroma… takes your Osyter card data and creates a visualisation. Operates within the parameters of the pocket. You can put a chip in anything eg. a child’s toy… a gift for interaction.

The pocket watch becomes an heir loom (something that’s passed on)… our devices/phones aren’t like this and this is possibly a missed opportunity.


Hacking takes products that wouldn’t otherwise age and gives them personality and a timely feel.

Future Digital Products

Future digital products should be more like the Doctor and less like the Daleks. Human,physical, random, real objects that matter to people… they’ll be sat next to lego and keychains in actual pockets.

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