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Craig Mod, What Is the Shape of the Future Book?

These are my notes from Craig’s talk at dConstruct 2011:

We’re still thinking about print and have a romantic notion/mysticism about books.
We’re moving into an almost entirely digital space. There are three constant tasks  that we to perform – these will become more and more important:

1. Tame unfiltered data (eg. incoming data from sources like Twitter, RSS)
2. Produce quiet data (striving to create an uncluttered experience for content eg. Kindle)
3. Corral data (bringing together the first two points – making the filtered data as easy to consume as possible/in the right place)

We work within a much wider perspective than we sometimes realise. Our specialities exist within such a tiny, tiny part of the wider context of industry, or general knowledge, and sometimes we lose focus and forget this. We need to keep perspective on everything else that’s out there and visit other ‘cities’, or pots of knowledge, to push forward.

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